Hardest training session

Have I mentioned briefly that I train with an ex-Marine…Jon Stratford (www.commandoactive.com), well today he seriously put me through my paces.  Every trainer I have ever worked with does seem to think it their life’s mission to make me do as many press ups as possible.  Jon has discovered ways of disguising them as something else, but I am getting slowly wise to it, though not I fear better able to do press ups!

Step ups are however another matter – and as I seem (I hope) to do them with relative ease they are slowly transformed into something else – the box I’m stepping up onto gets slowly higher, the weights slightly heavier, and not only do I have to step up onto the box, but over the other side then back up in one swift and smooth movement – a Marine makes it look oh so easy, whereas after about 5 my thighs were screaming out – only 25 on each leg! Easy – ha!

Sprints I get, outside, on a treadmill, on a bike, in the pool – no problem.  On a machine that replicates climbing – I assure you, is not fun, especially with someone standing next to you telling you to go faster.

I’m sure when I’m racing up a sand dune all these things will make perfect sense ( to be honest, they made a lot of sense on the Cornish coastal path), but it’s good to grumble occasionally – it keeps me sane (sort of!)


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2 responses to “Hardest training session

  1. Fred

    I’m sure your trainer has all kinds of torture panned for you this weekend:) good luck and keep on running x

  2. keep up the good work Harriet. you are unbelievable!

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