man flu… a poor excuse!

Well folks – it’s been a tough last 7 days! Not least because I’ve been battling the mental challenge of not really training and from panicking that I will completely forget how to run and lose all the benefits of my training from the last few months.  Yep, I came off night duty last week and rather rapidly succumbed to a really rather filthy heavy cold.  I restrain myself from saying I had “man flu”…  I struggled through a training session with Jon last Thursday afternoon and tried to look enthusiastic when he suggested that for Friday I get up and go for a “light” bike ride, then have a rest for a few hours and then head out for a long run or hard interval session…  I did neither!  I woke up on Friday and quite honestly spent the rest of the day in very comfy clothes feeling rather sorry for myself with a head & throat like a thick pea soup.  Crawling into work on Saturday for a long 12 hour shift on a suffocating hot ward was not the most enjoyable experience or probably the wisest and by Saturday night with my voice beginning to give way I called in sick for Sunday’s shift – one thing I have learnt over the years with training for races long or short is that you must listen to your body.  Lying on the sofa feeling lousy (but inspired by the GB athletics team in Istanbul!) I did have some panicky moments thinking I was losing all my fitness but Monday dawned and a bit of mind over matter and I put in a fairly hard training session.  Many of you know that I teach at the Third Space Gym in Soho, and on Monday evening I teach the Indoor Cycling class (spinning to some), followed by an outdoor Interval Running Class.  I teach a level 3 class, and maybe someone put something in my food on Monday, but according to those who attended the classes I was apparently on a mission – I certainly felt cream-crackered afterwards! But hopefully sweated away those cold bugs.

So… the race is drawing ever close – 3 weeks to be precise!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

And the great news so far is that I can inform you that to date in received donations & pledges I have raised £800 for the Tiyanjane Clinic, which is wonderful and I am so grateful to those of you that have so far supported me in this cause.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

If you would like to make a donation – please contact me at

For more information about the Tiyanjane Clinic please go to my website  – for a little bit more inspiration, here are a couple more pictures of some of the people who’s lives will be made a little bit easier by your contribution:


A patient recovering from Karposi Sarcoma


Brenda Witke at home with her mother

Well folks – I hope that you are all fighting fit (and free of a snivelly cold!).  With the sunshine now attempting to make an appearance in London I am about to head out for a run in a vague attempt to pretend that the feeble spring sunshine is some sort of replica for the burning intense heat of the Sahara desert!          

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14 March, 2012 · 1:28 pm

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