Sneaky, very sneaky trainer!

Well, that was nasty! After a week feeling under the weather I thought at the start of my training session with Jon that he was going to kind to me! When will I learn…? He eased me into the session with some relatively easy (not that I said they were easy to him!) one legged lunges in various forms using the TRX straps, pull ups, arm presses, side planks etc. I hasten to add that Jon is an expert when it comes to disguising the press-up. It presents itself in many shapes and forms and I’m rubbish at it. 🙂  I realise that I may have just written a load of gobbledygook but bear with me… All these exercises are one after the other with at least 15 repetitions of each 2-3 times through. It was when we paused and he said that we were heading down to the weights floor that my heart started to sink. Yes, there was the pile of 3 step up boxes, Jon handed me 2 10kg dumbbells, and ordered me to do 25 step ups onto the box (25 on each leg), followed by 25 side step ups and over with just 10km, (again 25 on each leg).  It may sound relatively easy, but the step is quite high – you have to make sure you straighten your leg at the top, keep up a steady rhythm as the weights start to feel heavier and heavier… I also have to trust that Jon can actually count to 25! I did this twice through, I was about to start the 3rd set when Jon muttered something about a surprise in this set… This turned out to be a fourth set straight away after the 3rd set with no break. Very, very sneaky! An absolute killer – I couldn’t speak afterwards. I know, I know. It all helps not just with the physical aspect of going up and down dunes,but also with the mental challenge of getting to the top of one and seeing another even bigger one loom up in front of you. Still doesn’t make it easier. Not only that, Jon then tortured my poor old leg muscles on the rollers. Stretching no matter what anyone says is not fun… And quite frankly I’d rather have done another set of step ups. 

But in all honesty, I have to say that although he pushes me hard, I have to thank Jon as he is responsible for getting me to the start line in fighting form… Still 3 weeks to go…

Check out his website at – lots of fitness tips for everyone 🙂 



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