anyone for cards…

52 card pick up anyone? Well not the traditional 52 card pick up, but a new interpretation according to Jon as he put me through my paces this morning. Having run to the gym sporting my new backpack for the desert (courtesy of my very wonderful parents for my birthday), I had about 25 minutes to kill before my session with Jon, so decided to have a quick swim. As a result by the time I was due to start training with Jon I was already warmed up and rather tired… all by 9.30am.

I was directed to the climbing wall area of the gym where there was a 3kg ball lying next to a punching mat and 12kg kettle bell and suspiciously, a pack of cards. This  was going to be a session of card circuits… A different exercise for each suit: fast single leg squats for Diamonds, kettle bell swings for Clubs, squat and throw the 3kg ball as high up the climbing wall as possible for Hearts, and for Spades rise onto toes and throw the ball hard onto the punching mat, catch it and repeat. Obviously doing each one as many times as the number on the cards, with Jacks, Kings, Queens and Aces being 10, and for the two Jokers I would have to sprint up two flights of stairs to the cardio floor and row 500m as fast as possible. My first reaction once started was that Jon really needs to learn how to shuffle as several picture cards appeared one after the other. This was shortly followed by the relief that there are only 2 Jokers in a pack. The other thought that crossed my mind was that if either of my brothers were watching they would probably think I was throwing like a girl, although I would challenge them to throw a heavy ball (basketball size) as high up against a wall as possible, repeatedly. For once I have to say there was nothing in the mix that was a press up in disguise – phew. It did cross my mind that at what point in the desert will I be throwing a heavy ball whilst running up and down sand dunes, but I let this thought pass – best not to challenge the trainer. All in all this took half an hour, followed by what was quite possibly an even worse half hour. I’m not the world’s greatest fan of stretching at the best of times, but when someone else is helping you stretch it’s exceedingly painful, especially if firm foam rollers are involved – if you have done this you will know what I am talking about, if you haven’t and think I have gone slightly bonkers, then don’t worry, it is something you can congratulate yourself on being blissfully ignorant of. Suffice to say that had I been offered a second round of card circuits as opposed to rolling/stretching I would have picked circuits!

However, stretching and rolling from here on in over the next 2 weeks is what it is all about. Yes folks, it is just over 2 weeks until the gun goes. I CAN’T WAIT! My kit is pretty much all gathered now. Just a couple more pairs of socks to acquire. Some snacks for my food rations and then I have to pack it all, ruthlessly cut it down on weight and repack it all again. I’m hugely grateful at this point to say a massive thank you to Maxi Fuel (@maxifuel) who are sponsoring me with deeelicious nutritional supplements. Their products were I think the secret to my success 5 years ago – so fingers crossed they work their magic again.

Stay well all. X

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  1. James Halfhead

    Still throwing like a girl then.

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