A rather smelly run along the Regent’s Canal in desert like heat!

A beautiful sunsoaked run, 20km with a rather heavy pack, all along the Regent’s Canal.  The sunshine brings everyone out and as I trotted along the canal passing ducks, swans and Canada geese in the canal there were some surprising sights to be seen –  a great many involving a lot of winter white flesh on display.  That and the occasional smell of dog poo will not be things I miss when running through the sand of the Sahara.  My pack was quite heavy.  I put it all together in the morning minus a few last minute items are on my expanding to do list!  My food seems to be the main weight, although I have been ruthless and reduced it by 1.5KG today…  at least I will be shedding 1kg a day as I eat my way through the pack.  I did have one “memo to self” moment as I trotted along the towpath, “I must remember to do my drinks bottles up tight”, having energy drink dribbling out onto your arm is stcky and rapidly becomes uncomfortable and dirty.  But other than that… a few lary comments from blokes out on the canal towpath drinking their strong cider it was a rather pleasant run.  I reached the Olympic Park, it all looks very impressive and turned back, passing again the attractively smelling drunks, running through a wafty haze of marijuana as I passed some young folks who looked suspiciously like they should be in school, dodged a lot of mothers and prams, stopped to listen across the water to a rooftop music gig, it is surprising what you see out on the Regent’s Canal.

So 7 days to go until we fly to Morocco, and 10 days until the start.  I am nursing a few little concers about blisters on my toes – hoping my sock strategy will work.  The nerves are also building regarding the heat.  The lovely bunch of boys I am sharing a tent with are all doing bikram yoga, hanging out in heat chambers and one has even built himself a heat chamber in his own wet room at home…  Me, well I have been for a few runs in the sun and spend most days working in a hot humid hospital ward.  I’m hoping this is going to prepare me, it is more preparation for the heat than 5 years ago.  Having said that, my sister informs me that it is currently hotter in the UK than Morocco at present! Heat… bring it on!

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