Stage 3: Where to begin… what a day

Found the first 12 kilometres really tough, but then someone must’ve put something in my drink as I stormed up the hill from CP1 and down into a beautiful valley of dunes. Ran with a lovely 60+ Moroccan, Amine and had lots of laughs.

Crossing the dry lake from CP2 was “encroyable”! The ground was like an old elephant’s skin. A sandstorm blew across and I could barely see the runner in front. Quite exciting in a rather scary way…

A few toenails trying hard to part company with my toes, but other than that all good. Filthy and my hairstyle is something special – and would you believe it? Sand everywhere!

I finished today with Ahmed from my tent. He’s awesome… He caught me with about 1 km to go. I was giving all those in earshot a full rendition of “Les Mis.” 🙂

There are some French firemen pulling disabled children along on a wheelchair. Watching them finish each day is something very unique.

Love from a very dirty, smelly, but happy Harry. Big day tomorrow, steady as she goes! xxxx

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  1. Catherine Pillonel

    Darling Harry – I hope others are reading of your wonderful achievements across the ‘Desert’! We watched you run across the finish line of Stage 3 yesterday, via the Webcam – it was fantastic to see you looking so beautiful and happy and totally in your element. ‘Do you hear the people sing’ – yes we are singing everywhere, willing you on and particularly today on the double marathon day – DAY 4! Will be glued to the Webcam tonight to watch you finish!!! Run safely, the roadbook looks gruelling – (ATTENTION ! in French usually means it!).
    Love you madly,
    Catherine xxx

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