Stage 4: What a long old slog that was

We started running at 8.30am and I finally crossed the finish line somewhere around 3am.

It was a tough day… A case of power marching, the desert shuffle and a slightly delerious run. I will save the story of this stage for later as it had many twists and turns. 

I ran with lots of different people and had a lot of laughs and interesting moments – not least when stumbling out of CP5 into the dunes and falling headlong down one… Much to the amusement of the two French guys with me at that moment.

 I’m proud to say I ran in the dark on my own and didn’t get lost! I sang a lot, lost my voice, but the stars and moon were out and the desert was inspirational!

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  1. Malcolm Molyneux

    I don’t know if the messages sent to the race ever reach you, so here’s the one from the Tiyanjane team (sent to the race for you on Wednesday):

    Word of encouragement.
    Be encouraged that it’s really wonderful to have a friend like you. You are not a wonderful friend to our organization only, but to all people, patients, their families and all staff in Malawi. You will change the lives of so many from adding days to their lives to adding life to their days. We ask the Good Lord to give you energy so that through your initiatives many enable patients and their families can have a comfortable life. God bless you abundantly, TIYANJANE TEAM, QECH, Blantyre, Malawi.

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