Stage 5: Hello from the Sahara Desert for the last time!

What a day it has been. My 13th full marathon and boy, was it tough…

The first 10k were horrific for me. My feet were agony. Walking hurt.  Running hurt and I pretty much stumbled over the line at CP1 and had a small meltdown bursting into tears on a very sympathetic doctor’s shoulder. She patched my left foot up gave me a painkiller and off I went.

I was now at the back of the field with what looked like the walking wounded returning from some war. But, I found my mojo and set off, singing all the way. I caught up with four of my tent buddies at CP2 and then straight on to CP3 through some of the most beautiful dunes and wild scenery.  I’m proud to say from CP1 onwards no one passed me. I don’t know why but despite my feet I felt fantastic and it was just amazing to be in the desert today.

Thanks to all who wrote to me everyday – it has been wonderful to have your support and very emotional. We’re about to be treated to Orchestra de Paris, live in the Sahara. XX


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2 responses to “Stage 5: Hello from the Sahara Desert for the last time!

  1. Paul

    Hi Harry, congratulations, sounds like a very tough one this year. I meant to write more but things got crazy in London in last few days and when I got online at Abu Dhabi the message service was closed.

    Hope that you are recovering well and your feet have not been totally worn off.

    Look forward to speaking with you when you get back home. Once again, well done, we are all in awe and very proud of you.

    Lots of love
    Paul, Nina and Callum

  2. Rosemary Griffiths

    Dear Harry, Many congratulations on your wonderful achievement of running the MDS for the second time. We are full of admiration. I hope your feet are getting better. We have just returned from Bermuda and read about your adventure. I look forward to hearing more about it all soon.
    Much love from Mark and Rosemary

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