Toenails slowly turning black!!!

Hello to all my wonderful supporters!

Well I have been back from the Marathon des Sables in Morocco, just over a week now and have done as the lovely French doctor advised and pretty much rested my rather battered feet! Would you like to see them? Well here are a couple of pics in technicolour for your amusement – these were taken two days after returning to the UK having taken off the bandages…

Beautiful? You can see the two drill holes where they released the pressure from blisters under the toenail after Stage 2 – lovely.






and the left foot (it was remarked upon how balanced and symmetrical my big toe injuries were…

again, beautiful don’t you think… and believe me running 155 miles on these wasn’t the worst of it. In the next photo you sort of see how battered my the soles of my feet were – what I had thought was repeated blistering was in fact very severe bruising that was by the end pure agony to walk on…









left, and right…








Now I know that some of you might be squeamish… so I apologise and for your delectation I add the following beautiful picture taken on Stage 1 of the race…







…just to give you a small taster.

I’m busy beginning to write up the race in full and will hopefully be able to post it here and on my website by the end of this week, with photos galore… (not all my photos as after being buried in a sanddune on Stage 2 my camera decided that it couldn’t cope with a second MDS and gave up the ghost).

Once again, a big thank you to all of you who have sent me messages, emails whilst I was in the desert (as you see from below – reading emails in the evening was an essential part of the day:








So to those of you who followed the race, a BIG THANK YOU TO YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT, it meant absolutely everything to me from the ironically amusing jokes, to the philosophical whimsies which inspired me never to give up. Thank you all, they helped me laugh, cry and kept me running.

Big love to all.



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5 responses to “Toenails slowly turning black!!!

  1. Jxx

    “Would you like to see them?” Erm – NO !

  2. Malcolm Molyneux

    I TOLD you to wear shoes for this race!
    I hope you won’t mind if I use the toe and foot pictures for my next Clinical Quiz for final year medical stduents – could get some interesting diagnoses, from onychogryphosis to cutaneous larva migrans. I’ll have to tell them that the clue is in the History of Recent Activities.
    Great stuff Harriet,

  3. Nick Halfhead

    So how are they now then?

  4. Niko

    OK – enough of the big gammy toe-nail photos already!
    Oy vey!
    Can’t we see some nice photos of some cute stray Moroccan kittens or puppies something?! Please!!! 😉


  5. Niko

    OK – enough of the big gammy toe-nail photos already!
    Oy vey!
    Can’t we see some nice photos of cute stray Moroccan kittens or puppies or something?! Please!!!


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