…..the next challenge….2015

Hello folks….!!!!
Yes, I know it’s been a while since my last entry, over a year in fact. But I’m back now, and will be blogging hopefully quite regularly for the next few months. Yes, I have a new challenge and I am officially signed up for the ATACAMAH CROSSING 2015!!!!!

What is that I hear you ask, well for those of you not in the know, it is a multi-stage race across the Atacamah Desert in Chile, which is known to be the driest desert on the earth and at quite a high altitude. And one year when they were running the race the had to deal with earthquakes amongst the sanddunes, and salt planes! So some new challenges in the bag this time.

The race is in October, so over the next 8 months I will be building my training up and intending to get to the starting line fighting fit and strong as an ox – and to help me with this desert race I have the most awesomely fantastic trainer (he slipped me a tenner to say that!), Luke Worthington – who I train with at The Third Space gym in Soho, where I teach the odd class.
Luke genuinely is awesome and over the last 12 months has helped me rehab from two semi-prolapsed discs in my lumbar spine which I acquired from the joys of my nursing job. It’s been a long steady road to full strength again, but with the combination of Luke’s rehab and some physio and chiropractor work I seem to be getting there. I tested my back out last November back in the Nice to Cannes marathon which although goes down in my record books as my worst ever marathon both for my time and the experience, it served it’s purpose and my back survived the pounding of 26 miles, even in the pouring rain – my ipod however did not survive and drowned rather miserably!

So, onwards and upwards. I train with Luke once a week – and will report on my training sessions and as I step up my running and long runs will begin to write about them…

As yet, I haven’t chosen a charity to run for and am still looking….details will follow…

The exciting thing about this race, is this time, even though my folks still question my sanity – they have been looking up the race and all the information about it, (4 Deserts website is http://www.4deserts.com), almost more than I have!


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3 responses to “…..the next challenge….2015

  1. Malcolm Molyneux

    Well, that looks typical for you, Harry – I presume you will be rowing across the Atlantic to get there? A fantastic objective and I wish you wonderful success. Malcolm

    • Hi Malcolm – yes, you know me, not very good at sitting still, but possibly not intending to row across the Atlantic to get there. I do hope you are fighting fit at the moment and still cycling. Harriet xxx

  2. Catherine

    We do question your sanity just a little…… but we support you all the way!!!!!!!! Run like the wind, Miss Titanium! xxxxx

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