Will I need a swiss ball in the desert….?

I don’t think so, but my trainer Luke Worthington seems convinced that I’m going to need a Swiss Ball in the desert. I just don’t think I’m going to fit one in my rucksack.

Yes, back on track now after a ropey couple of months where training in terms of running has been a bit thin on the ground.  Full on proper flu really knocks you for six, and it’s taken me ages to feel back to full energy and motivation.  Add to the de-energisingness of flu is I’m older and juggling time to train with long nursing shifts is definitely tougher than it was in 2012 – what a difference 3 years makes.

So, back to that Swiss Ball – I’m just not sure that finishing a strength training session by being in plank position (press up position for those not in the know), leaning on the Swiss Ball on my elbows and having to do rotations x6 in each direction is really something I’m going to be doing a lot as I stride out across the desert.  Luke always smiles somewhat wryly at my feeble protestations, no glimmer of sympathy in his face.  The fact is in all the years I have been training and running I have never liked press ups in any shape or form, I never have and I never will. But apparently it is nothing to do with whether or not I like particular exercises as to why I do them – who knew!

There is definitely a difference though to running through London these days – when I first started running, there didn’t seem to be so many people around, getting in the way and not looking where they are going.  I’m not sure that cycling the streets of London is a whole lot safer than running, even along the Thames path.  Maybe it’s my lack of patience as I get older but as you see a group of tourists walking towards you, and you are clearly running, focused, with a pack, looking to go in a straight line as much as possible – it is somewhat frustrating when they just gawp at you like a tourist attraction rather than getting out of the way.  And I won’t comment on the people walking without sense of direction or awareness of their enviornment as they gab away on their mobile phones.  Do I sound cantankerous….maybe a little 🙂

Still onwards and upwards – high altitude training today, sadly not outside high up a mountain, but in a contained chamber in my gym at an altitude of 2500 metres….such fun!


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5 responses to “Will I need a swiss ball in the desert….?

  1. Malcolm Molyneux

    Hi Harry,

    When you talk of ‘training with long nursing shifts’ I can imagine just how difficult it must be, with the garment wrapping itself around your knees like a good rugby tackle. For training I think you should try something shorter and tighter-fitting. WHEN DO YOU HIT THE DESERT?

  2. Shorter and tight fitting – not sure that would be good for my patient’s blood pressure…but will give it a try.
    The race starts on 4th October….which is creeping ever closer!

    • James Halfhead

      Loving the comment Malcolm. As for sounding cantankerous, – it is due to the milestone passed on 17th March I am afraid.. Welcome to the club little sis!!! Jxxx

  3. Robin Halfhead

    Wow! I have just looked at the website re: Swiss Balls – as you say must be “such fun”! Keep it upxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx my darling little girl! xx
    We arte so proud of you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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