“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” Dr. Seuss (1904 – 1991)

So, very exciting… with the help of one of the brilliant running assistants I now have two new pairs of trainers.  Now I know to non-runners this might not seem exciting, but as a runner there is always something exciting about having a new pair of trainers.  It always makes me feel a little like Tigger, and I almost bounce out of the shop raring to go on a run there and then.  I buy my trainers at the one an only place any runner should by their trainers in London, Run and Become in Victoria, and to date I have never had a duff pair of trainers.  I am a little dubious about all the colours trainers come in today, mine are a sort of lurid green/turquoise colour which I am somewhat disconcerted about.  But more sedate and practical are my very lovely new trail trainers all set for the desert – a beautiful pair of Inov 8s.  This time I’m determined not to end up with hobbit like feet and have a good vibe about these trainers.

Two hours yesterday in the high altitude (hypoxic) chamber at The Third Space gym was tough, and a little boring if I’m honest…treadmill running really is rather laborious and when I train in the hypoxic chamber I do wonder at people who only ever run on the treadmill rather than head out and about.  I know pedestrians, cyclists and traffic can be annoying, dangerous, frustrating, but you do see funny sites from time to time – literally on Tuesday as I ran down towards the river I ran past a man walking a miniature Shetland pony!!!!!!!!! Not a common sight in London I assure, and not one you see on a treadmill.

I’ve also now signed up for the Purbeck Marathon down in Dorset along the Swannage cliffs, Corfe Castle in September as a final warm up a few days before I begin the ridiculously long journey out to Chile and the Atacama Desert….It’s all suddenly seeming a bit more real!

With the UK doing this wonderfully passable imitation of summer, all I can say is get your trainers on, get outside and go for a run!

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