Marathon motivation… I hope

This time last year I had completed the Nice to Cannes marathon for the fourth time. It was one of the toughest marathons I had ever run. I was tired and training hadn’t gone quite accordingly to plan, although I was fit. I just didn’t have the distance in my legs and after about 11 kilometres the darkening French skies began to dump their heavy rain clouds on the runners for the rest of the race. Despite the pouring rain, my ever faithful and loyal fan club that has followed me around all of my European marathons, was at the finish line in the pouring rain. My darling Daddy, under a massive umbrella, was waiting to give me his big bear hug. My wonderful Mummy was there too, I hasten to add, as she was guarding the car from French parking police, as well as keeping out of the rain. They have always, always been at the end of all my UK and European based races. Not ever at the starts – which was a running joke, especially when the hotel we stayed at once in Dublin actually overlooked the start of the race! I could almost always make out Dad’s voice or even spot him occasionally in the crowd of onlookers. I remember the first time I ran the Dublin marathon as I came round one of the final bends. Dad was right on the corner and gave me a big thumbs up and I heard Mum’s voice a few metres later… That was when I ran my fastest marathon in 3 hours 26 minutes and I remember the spur of speed their support gave me at the end.
In the four London marathons I have run, it has been difficult to see them in the crowd. Although Dad’s bellowing voice was always quite unmistakable, along with that of my sister’s crazy whistle which must nearly deafen whoever stands next to her. They all even managed to sneak into the VIP stands one year and saw me “sprint” to the finish line.
I have somehow managed to secure a place in the London Marathon for 2016. It is with mixed emotions that I look towards the next six months of training. For 8 weeks I have not been for a proper run. I look at my trainers on my kitchen floor waiting for me to put them on. I will have to – there is no doubt about that. I’ve been teaching my classes for the last three weeks at my gym and as I haven’t collapsed in a heap on the floor after the indoor group cycling classes, I know that I haven’t completely lost my fitness – and I apparently seem to have made them tougher in the last month, so one of my clients told me between gasps for breath!
I will be running the London Marathon for a charity, one which helped my Dad a bit on his cancer journey and which has given some strength through support to my Mum. It is Maggie’s Centres, a wonderful charity who support people and their families going through cancer. You can drop in for a chat, advice, a coffee and biscuit. They provide a place of calm to combat the whirling emotions that come with cancer. So watch this space as I will start my fundraising at some point…
I’m also hoping that running the London Marathon will help keep me fired up and fighting fit because my place in the Atacama Crossing has been transferred to 2016… The team at 4 Deserts have been very supportive in transferring my race entry. So, the journey begins again!!!


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4 responses to “Marathon motivation… I hope

  1. Catherine Pillonel

    Mummy and I and the rest of the family will be at the Finish Line, Darling Harry! And dear Daddy will be cheering you from the ‘Heavens’.
    Love you madly,
    Catherine xxxxxxxxx

  2. Malcolm Molyneux

    Very good to know that those trainers are soon to resume duties, after what may prove to have been a beneficial rest and recovery period. Congratulations on getting on the London and Alabama lists again!

  3. Malcolm Molyneux


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