Don’t fall over when you run…

…is the wise advice my orthopaedic registrar Doctor gave me on Tuesday at the Fracture Clinic when I had my heavy cast removed and replaced by a splint.  Really!!! 

It does seem to be the response of the majority, laughter at the thought of someone breaking their wrist whilst running. Ok, it wasn’t my ankle or any other more logical body part to break whilst running, but to be fair it was on a very steep part of the Cornish coastal path coming down from Ephaven, and in my defence, my brother James did precisely the same thing about half an hour later just walking (although he didn’t break his wrist!)

So the one benefit, and possibly only benefit, of breaking my wrist is that I no longer have to do press-ups.  I really hate doing press ups and my trainer Jon seems to have an unhealthy liking for them – something to do with being an ex-marine I suspect! Still, he seems to have devised some rather hellish alternatives such as running up and down pulling a very heavily weighted sledge, or wearing a weighted jacket and jogging fast up and down – knees high, step ups, deep lunges…the list is long and very imaginative.

Anyways, back to the running….which I can now do much more comfortably without a sweaty cast which also caused me to run slightly off centre and becomes quite tiring. So I have to somehow pick up the mileage quite quickly over the next month to maintain any hope of hitting a respectable time in the marathon, or to simply cross the finish line in one piece.  My immediate goal is to keep pace with the runners in my Running Club at the Third Space Gym, Soho.  I coach them so I now have to put my money where my mouth is!

And must remember not to fall over 🙂

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  1. Catherine

    Well done Harry darling!
    Something for inspiration – you’ll be running against Tim Peake up in Space. He’s going to be running a ‘virtual’ London Marathon at the same time you will be hitting the London Tarmac!

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