Last run of 2016….

So – having not written for a really long time, not since the London Marathon, it is clear that my new year’s resolution for 2017 is to get back to writing and see where it takes me.

My last run of the year was along one of my now favourite trails down here in Cornwall – one of my quick go to runs.  Out in the murky damp gloom that was the weather in Wadebridge this morning along the Camel Trail towards Bodmin.   A quick 10 miles at a comfortable gentle pace.  It’s a beautiful part of the Camel Trail, all along the river, passing the Camel Vineyard and some of the old disused railway stations such as Shooting Range Platform, and my favourite Grogley Halt – all of which make me feel like I am running in some parallel dimension where I should meet the characters in the Famous Five and share a bottle of grog!   Instead I meet a lot of cyclists from varying abilities it has to be said – those that have just set out for a fun and slightly wobbly cycle along the path, to those who are head to toe in cycling gear and I imagine cycling further than the Camel Trail allows. The odd horse rider, walkers, anglers, numerous dogs and quite frequently I am accompanied by the little chap in the picture below.

Anyways, today I met all of the above, some with a cheery hello, a greeting of Happy New Year, and some with just a nod.  But always a little less crowded than the route to Padstow.  It is the perfect running route, fresh, beautiful, full of birdsong and always inspiring.   For the runs of 2017 – watch this space, as hopefully they will be quite a lot to watch as there is a lot in the pipeline!

In the meantime, HAPPY NEW YEAR, may it be happy, healthy and above all peaceful.

Below is my sometime running companion:

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One response to “Last run of 2016….

  1. Catherine

    Happy New Year Harry darling! Wish we were with you!
    Christmas in Wadebridge was so lovely – the first of many with dear Mummy Cornwall bound end January 2017!
    Fondest love, C + L + M xxxxxxxxx 😘😘😘

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