Marathon Day and oh what a day it was!

Started off stiff and had difficulty fitting my feet into my shoes. But, with the Stage starting early at 7:30, everyone was a bit slow getting going.

Gentle dunes to start with and after about 10 mins. or so, I fell into step with Ignacio, who I finished Stage 3 with. We stuck together and decided to push it a little bit to see how we felt.

We felt epic and ran 95% of today, (obviously more of a shuffle than an actual run!) until it got hot. At about 1PM, we were cruising. However, a few hitches due to the heat – I had a rather drastic nose bleed and only peed blood at one point… But, do not fear – all has returned to normal now.

Ignacio cruised in ahead of me. But, I got THE BEST HUG ever from Patrick Bauer as he gave me my medal. I believe the media took a good photo of us. He told me my smile lights up the desert every day!

Just a light jog tomorrow across the biggest ever dunes and one more night in this incredibly beautiful place.

The desert has excelled itself and I will be back to this EPIC LAND. X

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One response to “Marathon Day and oh what a day it was!

  1. Catherine

    WOW Harry Darling! Amazing! Watched you all run in on the final day in your Bright Yellow T-Shirts! Not easy to spot you at the finish line (all yellow and sunglasses!!!), but then captured your ‘Tent’ in a line. Perfect!!!!
    Cannot wait to see you on Monday to Welcome you Home! Hoping you are OK and not suffering too much!
    Love you madly (because that’s what you are!!!!)
    All the Charities across the World have to be so grateful to everyone like you who put themselves through such physical trials and tribulations, to draw attention to their incredible causes!!!
    Enjoy the luxury of a comfy ‘sand-free’ bed tonight.

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