Stage 3 – Wow what a tough slog, but so beautiful. It is just incredible!

To CP1 it was just a chilly start across allegedly ploughed fields… Well, they wouldn’t win any ploughing contests in Cornwall. CP1 was at the Last Tree in the Desert, quite literally.

I had taken my time to wake up my tired legs in the morning and get ready for the day. Soon after CP1, I began to find my rhythm along a very long, straight track. I ran for two markers then walked the third, gently passing a few other runners and all the time looking at the mountains and volcanoes rising in the distance. They are quite special as they loom above us. We turned a sharp left off the track and followed a hard crusty tractor track to CP2. As always, I just refueled my bottles and then headed off.


We crossed a road supervised by the police no less and then it was the salt flats to CP3. Well flat isn’t exactly how I would describe it. It was like walking over crusty salted broccoli and occasionally your foot went through the surface. I hooked up with Shevaun from Canada and we stuck it to CP3. From there the route to CP4 was amazing but like being on planet Mars and I got into my groove… I felt amazing as I approached CP4, where there was only about 5 km left to go to the end. But what a grueling slog up and down dunes which were hot and dusty. Through a smelly oasis and up two final dunes (where the media truck was stuck!!!) to the camp. Couldn’t help it – had to do a little air jump at the top!

It is amazing here. I’m 4th into my tent so far each day. Ian Malcolm is always first followed either by Leah Mink, or Takaaki. Yuta and Masaato follow me into tent – and then it is close between Hideo and Andrew North – who are both still out in the heat on the course at the moment!

Big love to you all!


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2 responses to “Stage 3 – Wow what a tough slog, but so beautiful. It is just incredible!

  1. ben casey

    Hi Harriet, just returned from holiday and catching up with your adventure.
    Keep focused, keep going and remember we are all rooting for you here 🙂
    Ben x

  2. Bunny Taylor

    Hello lovely (running) Harriet…we love all your stories, snippets, thoughts and views (in more ways than one). wonderful to see and share in — by just looking! We trust by now you are nearing the end of this great achievement. WHAT A GIRL! Thinking of you very often and watching you when we can… heaps of love Bunny and Dick

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