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A chocolate conundrum…

This is just a short blog to make those who following it (and who know my family) laugh…

One problem with my old man is that since he’s had cancer one of his main problems is that he has lost his appetite and rarely eats very much – hence becoming so weak and contracting a bad chest infection in the last week.

So, we are trying our hardest to find tempting titbits that Dad fancies – on previous admissions Dad has been quite good with hospital food, but not so much this time.  For some reason Mummy and my brother Nick are quite happy to polish off anything Dad doesn’t eat on the menu!! We have brought in from home cooked brownies, flapjacks, amongst a host of other snacks, and of course a sneaky box of Lindor truffle chocolates found its way into Dad’s room – a Halfhead favourite – a box normally lasts all of about 5 minutes in our family.  Well, Catherine brought these in on Sunday afternoon, and Dad hasn’t really been interested in them, so of course on the sly we have all been merrily dipping our hands in the box and innocently munching away, and the box just about lasted until Monday evening where I must confess Mum, Nick and I finished the last 3! Clearly my training diet is no longer being strictly followed.

What happens, this afternoon I have a long chat with Dad about eating and how I know it feels like we are always nagging him to eat this, try that, but it’s only because we want him to regain some of his strength so that we can have him back at home.  Suddenly he states he’d like to try a chocolate……I look at Mum and we both collapse in (guilty) laughter as we tell Daddy that um, his grown up family (not the grandchildren) have eaten them all!  

I hastily ran down to the shop and bought some more, and Dad has happily enjoyed one, he even gave one to his lovely nurse but told Mum and I they were strictly his chocolates.  

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