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Simply the best place to run in the world, every time 

So I’m back in Cornwall for a week’s holiday with my wonderful Mummy.  We came down on Friday afternoon with Skye (my mother’s Labrador puppy) and and my somewhat reluctant cat, Monkey – I say reluctant as trying to persuade her to go in the catbox did leave me looking like I had just crawled through several yards of sharp barbed wire.  We drove through all four seasons to get here and arrived in chilly rain, only to find that the key was not where it was supposed to be.  Having already unloaded said catbox from the car, it seemed cruel to confuse Monkey by putting her back into the car as we waited for Katrina, the lady with the key to turn up…..Skye and Monkey were both rather mystified as to why Mum and I continued to sit in the car whist they sat outside the door….

We eventually gained entry into the lovely cottage, Nantucket within the Highcliffe Holiday Cottages in Trebetherick, tea, shortbread and log fire soon ensued, and a few hours later my sister arrived.

My plan was to get going on the running immediately on Saturday morning, but as seems to be the nature of my running, things did not go quite according to plan!  On Friday evening, I managed to slip down the stairs and in the process stub at least 3 of my toes…with the possiblilty of thinking I had actually broken my little one.  It was quite swollen on Saturday and Sunday and the bruising was coming out quite a lot – I haven’t taken a photo as to be honest I think I have taken enough photos of my feet in the past for the sake of running and they ain’t pretty! (Also, I still have some now very chipped nail varnish on them!)

So instead, we headed out on Saturday in bright beautiful Cornish sunshine to the Rumps at Pentire Point to wave a cheerful springlike hello to our old dad – for those of you that don’t know, my sister and brothers and I and my mother, and even Skye as a tiny puppy, brought Daddy’s ashes out here in December on his birthday and cast him off the cliffs into the turbulent seas below – in fact we all nearly went with him due to it being the same day as Hurricane Desmond. This time it was bright sunshine, still windy but with a turquoise sea swelling in the background….


Sitting in the dip where dad always sat to watch the birds and seals…

And Skye encountered her first cow!

After a lovely, if ever so slightly “Jam & Jerusalem” Mothering Sunday Service at St Endellion Church and a quite simply delicious Sunday Roast at the Cornish Arms in Pendoggett (the best and friendliest Cornish pub there is) we left mum sleeping on the sofa with a slightly sick puppy, and a cat who is beginning to warm to Cornwall and Catherine & I headed down to Greenaway Beach for our favourite occupation of combing the sand and shale for Cowri shells.  We never tire of this, although the tide didn’t give us much treasure this time, as long as we found more than 10 we were quite happy.
Monday morning, sadly Catherine had to leave at sparrow fart for work back in Oxford – but otherwise what’s the best thing to start the week, a run along the cliffs and beaches to Rock – who would ever choose to run on a treadmill when views like this are on their doorstep, these are the views of my run this morning 

 Looking across the sand flats from Rock to Padstow
All the coloured marker buoys for yachts and sailing boats that have moorings through the summer months.  

The wide open expanse of sand revealed at low tide running back from Rock to Daymer Bay – it’s so crowded!

Looking out to sea to Pentire Head from the cliffs out above Greenaway Beach.


The view above Polzeath Beach.

There really is no better place to run, and broken toe or not broken toe (I think it really is just badly bruised and slightly sprained) it is just heaven.

After an essential running training diet based breakfast of toast, clotted cream & honey – trust me, it really improves my running.  Mum and I headed down to Greenaway with Skye to hunt for cowries in yet more beautiful Cornish spring sunshine…




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Back to running….sort of!

So after all the excitement of the cricket in South Africa, and as England struggle to win the 4th test in Port Elizabeth, I must return my attention to my running training.

As most amateur marathon runners know, 18 weeks is an ideal amount of time to run a marathon.  Unfortunately I am going to have to stick to a hasty 15 weeks preparation as my broken wrist is hampering my running somewhat.  Running or training intensely at any pace is quite difficult, partly because the good people at Truro Hospital in Cornwall, and at St Thomas’s in London, have set my wrist at an awkward angle for me to have any dexterity.  The cast gets uncomfortable sweaty when doing high intensity training on a bike or treadmill, and the awkwardness of the cast means I have to hold my arm in to keep it as still as possible – so best laid advice has been to withhold from the running until it is out of cast as it may cause me to run off centre and generate niggling injuries! Role on 2nd February when hopefully the cast comes off…it is becoming quite boring having it on. Although it does get me out of doing press ups or pull ups!  Although wearing a training weighted vest with 28kgs in it and pulling a weighted sledge up and down is not affected by it – thanks Jon.

Anyways, I am confident that 15 weeks is going to be sufficient to lug myself around the London Marathon course in April.

Speaking of which I can now alert you all to the details of my fundraising page for the London Marathon.

I am running the London Marathon 2016 in memory of my darling Daddy, Robin Halfhead and raising money for a wonderful charity called Maggie’s. 

Maggie’s Centres helped my mother and father during my father’s battle with cancer.  The Maggie’s Centre in Oxford was a place they felt they could go to after they had been to one of my father’s consultations with his consultant and be given reassurance, advice, comfort and where they felt treated as individuals going through the cancer journey and not just another old couple where my dad was just another man with cancer facing a battle he couldn’t win.  They treated my parents with respect, and listened to them and answered their questions in a way that my parents could understand, and they treated them as old friends.  There was always a cup of tea and coffee, and homemade cakes and a friendly face to greet them.  Everyone going through cancer would benefit from visiting a Maggie’s Centre, they help you feel less frightened, less lonely, and able to share what you are going through.  They are run by volunteers, but are so well equipped and run by such wonderful people and they really make a difference.  If you can help me raise money for them, specifically for Maggie’s Centre in Oxford I would be so grateful.  They really helped my parents, and I know they can continue to help so many more people.

My fundraising page is http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/Runhurryharryrun 

For more information about Maggie’s please visit they’re web page on http://www.maggiescentres.org 

Thank you so much….

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