Off to the Misty Mountains

The sun is shining, it is in the high 30s climbing towards 40, and I have finally left the trials and tribulations of a disastrous political crisis behind me…although worryingly with no hope for any positive improvement in days time when I return (the possibility of a PM who broke the NHS, to one with no scruples and morals who will sell to the highest bidder, and keep our country in crisis)…still it is refreshing to contemplate 10 days away from it all!

A little over 6 months ago, Aiden, (alias Boromir, from the Fellowship of the Sahara Desert 2017, Tent 115) lay down the challenge gauntlet to climb Mont Blanc. It would appear that I was the only one without a valid mitigating circumstance not to pin him! And 6 months down the line, not quite fit enough I fear, here I am, hiking/climbing gear in my rucksack, all in anticipation of freezing temperatures – as advised by climbing organisation! It seems a strange juxtaposition to be sitting in a t-shirt and loose cool trousers, sipping ice cold water and espresso in blazing sunshine in a internationally declared record breaking heatwave knowing that I’ve got thermal leggings, base layers, ski gloves, etc in my pack! I feel like I’m in some strange alternative existence and that I received the wrong memo – probably sent by Aiden as a joke, but no doubt he will come through customs in full gear wearing a woolly bobble hat 🤣

It’s been unnecessarily long and arduous to get to Geneva from Cornwall. The last flight out from Newquay was delayed by an hour…then slyly cancelled due to a cabin crew member sustaining an injury just as we were queuing to board! You simply couldn’t make it up….the exact same scenario happened on my way to Chile 2 years ago. The only difference being that being based in London, British Airways was able to summon a back up crew member. Flybe apparently don’t have that luxury, there are no back up cabin crew staff in the whole of Cornwall (although I suspect in the 24degree sunshine yesterday evening, they were sipping gin&tonics on a beach!). Another hour later and along with other London bound travellers I was in a Cornish taxi, speeding up the motorway. One of my fellow companions had great delight in texting his wife that he was sharing a taxi with a nurse and a model! He was a Waste Renewable Energy engineer!!! I definitely felt like I was in some sort of parallel universe!

2am….crash landed into my enormous double bed in the Premier Inn for a far too short sleep, and since then have appreciated Swiss efficiency and coffee!

Just waiting for Aiden to pitch up….in full hiking kit!

And the the mountains await us, shrouded in a glorious heat haze mist – so glad I packed my thermal underwear!

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  1. Good luck, hope everything goes to plan. Look forward to your next instalment. xx

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