MDS training in Cornwall – Day 3 & 4

Day 3 – well, everyone deserves a day off – and as it was blowing a complete hooley of a gale we headed to the local posh hotel for a well deserved pedicure – a true hour of pampering.  My feet felt like magic.  Followed by a lovely lazy day eating, drinking, sleeping, chatting and watching films.

Day 4 – slightly tired legs, but once I got going found the bounce, and headed off to Ephaven, had a moment of amusement when clambering up the cliff path around New Polzeath, as a young mummy and her three boys were ahead of me and I suddenly heard the mummy shout, “quickly boys, move aside for the crazy lady!” – Does someone running with a pack really look that bonkers???

Sadly all good things come to an end, but we finished the four lovely Cornish days in style with a deeeeeelicious sunday lunch at the St Kew Inn – one of the best pubs in all the land (with rather good looking barmen as well).

A great four days, thanks to my awesomely wonderful sister who cooked the most delicious meals ever – she will be sorely missed and fantasized about in the desert as we eat expedition instant meals every night!


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