training update

Well in a little over 5 weeks I will be heading to the Sahara Desert…didn’t really think about the 5 weeks until discussing it with Jon, my trainer today.  Jon Stratford – awesome trainer ( – getting me to the start line in one piece and fighting fit – just in case anyone thinks I have it easy – he is ex-Marine and well, that should say it all, although I think his challenge to make me able to do 10 pullups is a little ambitious! 1 nearly kills me.

And Brett Davison – my awesome physio, who worked with me 5 years ago, is also helping me to get to the start line in one piece – although he did mutter something today about the 800 odd competitors being escapees of a mental hospital (ha ha ha!

Anyways, it’s all going well – looking for two big runs this weekend around the horse track of Hyde Park.  Gradually acquiring all the kit – building the nutrition.  Great biltong for sale in Borough market – mmm delicious, an absolute essential.

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