Sorry for no mail yesterday… Had to visit Doc Trotters – have some “jolie” blisters!

So, end of Day 3. What can I say? The MDS is living up to its billing as the toughest.

Yesterday was long, hot, sandy and tough. But, I got a hug and kiss off Patrick Bauer. I ran with some wonderful people, not least, Yoshizu from Japan who is dressed as a cow – we finished the stage together, alongside Al and Mark from my tent and Vivienne all holding hands.

Today may have been shorter, but, it had three ridiculously big climbs and tricky descents. The final descent down the canyon from the peak (after a ridiculously steep climb) hit 50 degrees and felt every bit of it. But, despite the toughness, it has been a glorious day. I put on some music and the first two tunes were my Daddy’s and I literally danced across the desert plain to Check Point 3, running past everyone (although not for long). I finished today with Phil and Ignacio. They totally saved me in the last 2 kilometres.

It is magic here and I love you all. Jim – golf email very popular!!


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4 responses to “HELLO!!

  1. Hi Harriet,
    Awesome so far you rock 💪, hope the feet are sorted and don’t cause you too much trouble. Every time I see the filming by MDS on their Facebook page I am trying to find you but a little tricky to identify anyone with the buffs, sunglasses and hats!
    Run well and drink well,
    Shona xx

  2. Laura Caddis

    Sounding strong Harriet keep it up! We’re all following your blog. The headland girls X

  3. Jean Arthur

    Hi Harriet,
    You are awesome, hope your feet stand up to the run but knowing you they will, drink lots. Tried to find you but couldn’t. Go girl, see you soon. Love Jean. Xx

  4. Bryde

    Hi Harriet,

    Sounds like your having an amazing time! Keep at it! Although you know I think your crazy, I still think it’s such an achievement and you should be sooo unbelievably proud of yourself. Hats 🎩 Off to you!!!!
    We have all been thinking of you on the Headland unit and are missing you terribly. Can’t wait to hear all about it in person.
    Hope that you haven’t come across and snakes 🐍 and still have all 10 toenails.
    Broadchurch and line of duty have been amazing this week, you have plenty of good TC to catch up on.
    Sending lots of BIG LOVE,
    Brydë and the rest of headland. X

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