Not the best start in the world….

So, all my good intentions last week to begin this blog of my Atacamah Crossing training with a vengeance and fighting fit have gone to pot. I am currently laid up on a sofa (which is an improvement from a sweat soaked bed), with a hot water bottle on my belly, a throbbing head, and achey limbs. Yep, I finally succombed to the flu this year. Having never caught it off my patients previously, it has struck me down quite literally – in fact I don’t remember being this sick in a long time, I’m only relieved that the desert race is in October and not like the MDS  this coming April, as losing a week or so’s training at this point is not too drastic, but does feel on the mileage front a little bit like being back to square one!
Still, now that I am feeling up to typing, and looking at a screen again I can browse all the kit lists for the race and feel the stirrings of excitement as I look at off road trainers, sand gaiters, useful desert tools, etc etc.
Hopefully my next entry will see me back in trainers – until then, I must blow my nose – byee!


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3 responses to “Not the best start in the world….

  1. Catherine

    What you need is some of Mummy’s delicious ‘Chicken Soup’!!!!!!


    Hi Harry,

    Sorry to hear you’ve got the flu.

    Get well soon.

    I saw this yesterday.

    Was very good, if you haven’t seen it before. So revealing.


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